Pipeline Management via DealRoom

Deal Pipeline Management via DealRoom

DealRoom solution covers both sales pipeline building and other aspects of customer relationship management, including lead and deal management, deal pipeline, data room forms, and more. Here is more about its functionality.

The peculiarities of the deal pipeline management

A deal pipeline is a vital tool for analyzing the company’s sales and allows you to present a picture that reflects the activities of managers aimed at selling goods and services. It is designed for operational control and management of sales in the organization. The peculiarity of operational control lies in the fact that the manager/leader receives information about the sales stages to customers directly from the passage of a specific stage of each sale.

For a seller, the pipeline doesn’t always end with a purchase. In some areas, the transaction is considered completed when the supplier receives closing documents; in others, the client immediately moves from one funnel to another. Thus, the deal pipeline management contributes to the prompt receipt of information about the state of the company’s sales, starting from the interest shown by the client and ending with the stage of completing the sale. The pipeline clearly shows what stages you should pay attention to bring deals to their completion.

How to organize the deal pipeline management in a DealRoom?

When the company works with a few customers, the managers can control transactions in a notepad or Excel. But if it gets more than five leads per day, it’s better to implement a cloud-based data room. The software stores information about customers and works as a sales management tool. To do this, they set up a pipeline where managers describe the stages of the transaction and the company’s service standards. Let’s analyze the process on the example of a DealRoom data room.

DealRoom includes functionality that allows you to customize various types of deals and business processes for processing them with the ability to present all such agreements in an ordinary sales pipeline. It ensures uniform management and control of the status of transactions of various types throughout the organization. On one interactive dashboard, the manager can see all kinds of transactions (sales of goods, services, project management, execution of various contracts) for the whole enterprise. The presence of bottlenecks in sales is immediately revealed. A graphical representation of the state of the sales funnel can be obtained with one click in the form of a PDF page or MS Excel report.

The sales pipeline is present in the DealRoom in the form of a diagram report, resembling a funnel, divided into several parts. Each part is a stage of the sales process (for example, first contact, negotiations, signing a contract, etc.). For each stage, the diagram shows the number of clients/transactions that have reached this stage for a specific time.

Benefits of using DealRoom for sales pipeline management

The software ensures the following advantages:

  • You can register and conduct transactions in any currency. It is especially useful if you work with clients from all over the world.
  • For each transaction, you can assign a responsible person and add other team members to make this information available to everyone.
  • You can add information about all the products or services you sell to the product catalog.
  • Achieving your goals will be much easier if you set a planned closing date for the deal. If you do not complete the transaction on time, you will receive a reminder.
  • DealRoom has many metrics and indicators to help you tailor reports to your needs and view statistics on the desktop or the analytics module.